#166841  by zkinard
 Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:42 am
I'm trying to determine what I'll need to setup the OBEL Eastwood Wolf I have on the way hopeful soon-ish. I'm hoping to use it with the POD500X effects unit I have. The unit has the ability to put an "effects loop" into the signal chain and then run send/return in and out of the unit, so that in theory it would hit the OBEL in the Wolf and then return back to unit to be sent out to the amp. I have the POD paired with the partner Line 6 DT25 modeling amp and the connection between the two is with a MIDI cable because the amp adjusts it's tube settings/parameters to the current patch selected for use in the POD. I'm wondering how the MIDI connection---instead of standard cable connection from unit to amp might effect setting up the OBEL? Looks like the OBEL hubs run an out to the amp directly from the their box. Thinking this might screw things up for my setup w/ the MIDI as the signal needs to return to the POD and be sent to amp through that rather than making its final exit from to the amp from the OBEL hub box. I may not be making to much sense hear, and possible misunderstanding something critical. Any help/insight is truly appreciated.

The rear connections of the POD are shown pretty clearly in this manual:
https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434d86d050 ... 0D%20).pdf

The connection from the POD to the amp I mention is through the L6 Link out.