#148085  by TeeJay
 Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:22 am
This amp started out as a well built replica Pro Reverb blackface head. Blackface specs except the Diaz tremolo mod and Normal Channel reverb/vibrato. It sounded good. A little sterile and noisy. Decent Jerry tone with JBL K120s and a strat with the Wald TPC1. Wald-Electronics meticulously reworked the amp including a improved power section, preamp tap on both channels, and the Wald Maestro mod on the vibrato channel. The reverb was modified to be more usable and a input voltage control box was added. I do not have the vocabulary to express how happy I am with this amp now. Holy sh#t is all I was able to say after a quick spin. Then preamped to a MC50. Remarkable. Sound clips are coming but will take some time. I am just so excited and pleased with what Waldo has done I could not wait to post :D

 #148127  by mgbills
 Wed Jul 29, 2015 7:48 pm
I hope. No pressure.
No one is paying me to play like Jerry. Except me.