#155298  by tatittle
 Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:39 pm
I apologize for cluttering up the board with so many posts lately but Ive been busy cleaning up a lot of projects lately. I am currently switching the Burstbucker 2 pups out of my 335 for Seth Lovers. I had wanted to switch to the vintage wiring with the tone pots connected to the output of the volume pot instead of the input. I heard Gibson switched to 300K pots so I will measure mine before proceeding. But my primary question regards the position of the tone cap.
The guitar comes stock with the capacitor wired between the middle lug of the tone pot and ground (pot back); it is NOT exactly like Les Pauls or most diagrams online labeled "modern" wiring where the cap. connected directly between the tone and volume pots. Basically I am wondering how the capacitor grounded from the middle lug is different from placing it between the pots, and in particular if I can keep it there for "vintage" 50's wiring.

Can I just change the wire that connects to the outer lug of the tone pot to the outer lug volume pot...to the middle lug (of volume)? Or do I need to shift the connections at the tone pot cap as well? Typical 50's wiring diagrams has the cap before the tone control and the wire connected to the outer lug of tone pot. Again, stock here is alone on the middle lug connected to ground (pot back).

I guess the only difference is whether the tone cap is before or after the potentiometer. I am guessing it doesn't matter bc they amount to same value and only have the one connection anyway. And it is already wired that way so that part of the equation isn't changing. Could the difference between wiring the tone pot to volume output instead of vol. input affect the tone of the guitar because of the cap being on the middle lug (output)...I am guessing it doesn't when tone pot is wired to input or they wouldn't have changed it (that's not much evidence though).
 #155318  by tatittle
 Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:23 pm
So I decided to just leave the wiring as is and just switch the pups since the guitar is fairly bright as is. Sounds good now, but it took me like 4 hours just to reassemble after soldering them in!!! I tried using string to pull pots back thru top which was a tangled mess that didn't work. The tubing trick may work better; I ended up using nothing but a shish ka bob stick to help push them thru.