#155044  by tatittle
 Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:21 pm
I just switched the pickguards (pups and all) between 2 strats I have and found a new issue with one of them. The Volume pot. only seems to cut the signal by about 30% swiftly and then no more reduction. On "0" there is still good signal coming thru. The tone doesn't seem otherwise affected (freq response etc.). The previous guitar had a Stratoblaster installed; perhaps I failed to wire it correctly in the switch to vintage Strat set-up of new guitar. Ive yet to pop it back open and check wiring bc I thought it was simple.

I guess I could have damaged the pot. too, soldering the grounds to its back, but I did it quickly and without much trouble so I kinda doubt it. Anyone make a dumb mistake I am missing and wind up with this issue before?

I am about to replace the stock Burstbucker Pro (Al V) pups on a new ES-335 with SD Seth Lovers. Never done a 335 and the ng is tricky to access. Figure I will remove pots and assemble on a cardboard cut-out as Ive seen done by others. Going to vintage 50's wiring too from what I assume is stock Gibson 2015 Modern wiring.
 #155100  by tatittle
 Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:01 am
Sorry I juped the gun posting this I guess. Problem was simply that I forgot to ground the volume pot's right lug after removing the original ground wire from the circuit (it wasnt bent back onto the pot body for grounding). Next time Ill have the decency to axctually check the circuit before posting questions on what might be wrong lol. Hope this finds you guys well.

On another note I will warn any men who have had significant heart issues, especially those under 65, Testosterone replacement (Low T etc.) medications triple the risk of heart attacks etc in your group. My kid brother was brought back from a massive heart attack at age 40, but just died at 42 within weeks of starting Testosterone. And we just got a bill for $200. bc "he dropped out of the study" where he obtained the pills! Damn Pharmacueticals are heartless man...half the time they arent even treating an actual illness with their concoctions. To be fair he had other risks and were not even certain it was a heart attack yet, but men in similar circumstances should be aware..apparently the FDA is reviewing the stuff lately.
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