#131917  by boater1941
 Sat Aug 31, 2013 6:25 pm
After a weeks work the rack and cabs r ready to rock. Figured I'd Install the keys firs.
 #131939  by boater1941
 Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:37 am
Thanks I threw this baby together when I got my K-120's (on the right) and actually got to cut the jbl tape on the box after blowing in inch of dust off at a warehouse auction in texas. They had six total and would have grabbed em all when I realized what they went for. They auctioned them in pairs and I got mine for 80 for the pair. Rumour had it be be that this was still stuff left from the estate of SRV. Here's an inside shot perfore I mounted them on the outside minus hardtrucker clamps not needed.
They work great with rocktron v300 bridged cause each input has two outputs so each K sees 8ohms. Tip to rocktron owners that I found is that they don't handle the fully hot fender 64-67 signal too well with a modded real twin so hats off to brad and his padding knob. Very well thought out. I keep the gain at the back max at 10oclock and volum at 5.5 I found clipping/harshness to start kicking in with the out put knobs a couple slots ahead of these settings. These keep it nice and clean and with the velocity 300's definition knob really accents the upper sparkle and adds headroom.
My E's on the left wired on parallel I kept in two separable pairs 4 ohms if using two and 1 ohm tapped if all 4 joined together to my 2300 modded with just sentry monitor removed(must) on primitive asf sound cards if playing at the lake or somewhere where the next closest wall is 100+ feet away.
The cab is only a one shelfer plenty of room. I still have to mount my tuner and furman.
I just see other people's setups especially that one pics with the sms and rocktron300 in that little metal brief case. Aren't you worried about ventilation?
 #131940  by boater1941
 Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:41 am
Next ofcourse with a shelving unit is my trupypass fx selector bar. Will post project similar to attached photo
I only need to built one thanks god, will post updates as thet come.
 #132491  by boater1941
 Fri Sep 20, 2013 2:58 pm
This unit mainly is designed to fuel a pair of K's @ 8ohms. Bridged rocktron velocity using channel one has two outputs. Great sounding amp as long as keep your padding on the back of the SMS less than noon. Excellent feature Sarno Music. I set the padding about 10oclock and the gain on the front around the same. Nothing except a couple clicks before high noon on both front and back volume pots.
Then with the rocktron v300 that definition knob really adds more headroom and sparkle. Reactance knob on zero because it really brings too much bass into play. I just adjust the mid knob on my sarno to regulate lower mids. My other rack still being built with my modded MC2300 the very botom and my twin reverb rebuild kit from ebay using vibrato jack and shunted rendering whole amplification sector dead. One and or 2ohm tap with banana jacks. Right now I have a stack of four E's only one recone. The stack can be brought down into a ground level pair if needed. Held by interlocking fasteners.
Here's some shots


Next in the works is a trubypass foot selector bar. Just waiting for delay pedal n another OC-2 and I'm set n an order of 10 3p2t stomp swithes which will have led's attached to tell you which pedals are selected
 #132498  by boater1941
 Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:19 am
Note the smokeless ash tray for the finishing touch on top.
Only couple more components to add like my furman and tuner then some ventilation fans. I build this with exact dimensions to fit perfectly into a black roadie travel case. Also onboard power supply with only one 110 volt cord powering up entire unit.
Great job waldo and brad this baby sounds sweet with the K's