#132697  by Griffyote
 Sat Sep 28, 2013 1:16 pm
I'm sure this has been discussed before. Here is another option, if anyone happens to try them I'd love to hear their opinion. They are supposed to be a replacement for a K120. My impression of the neodymium speakers is they are so clean that when they do get overdrive it sound like a clean overdrive. I think you know what I mean,not that warm growl. I have a 1jensen 100 neo in my twin that I love better than the original Fender blue labels in the twin. But rarely push it hard and I'm not trying to replicate The Jerry tone wirh it. They are just better than the originals and I'm happy with it .I just got a weber Cali that I haven't even had a chance to install and try yet. Anyway if anyone has spare change try these out for us and tell us what you think! I love my Telonics volume pedal and it is generally accepted among most who have tried them that they are the best volume pedal money can buy.

 #132843  by Mr.Burns
 Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:28 pm
From the Steel Guitar Forum:

** Note: When installed in vintage amplifiers and modern versions of classic amplifiers, the TSNEO 12-8 offers a slightly fatter bottom end than the old JBL’s so it is necessary to pull the bass control down very slightly in order to achieve the same balance of lows to highs as the JBL K series speakers. If this is not done, the listener may get the impression that the TSNEO 12-8 offers less highs than the JBL K120-8 due to the dominant lows.
By pulling the bass down slightly, the same balance between the low and high ends is achieved.
(In other words, the two types of speakers will not sound the same if they are simply “switched” without making this adjustment.)

Wouldn't this be a problem for a Jerry player with a bass control already set at 0?
 #132845  by Griffyote
 Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:09 pm
Yes , i imagine it would if you play with the bass already at 0 . I've never played with mine at 0. I have the ultralinear twin, so I'm usually trying to tame the highs.
 #138947  by Jon S.
 Mon May 12, 2014 4:07 am
I see Telonics now offers its "JBL replacement" also in 8 ohms. Come on, someone must have tried one - what's the word?
 #140123  by Jon S.
 Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:17 am
spacefunkologist wrote:Ooops just mentioned these in your 2x10 thread....Im gonna bite the bullet and order one. Will report back shortly. ....
I think we need to get you to define "shortly." :P :-)

I know you copped one. Inquiring minds want to know - tell us about it!
 #140195  by spacefunkologist
 Thu Jul 10, 2014 4:58 am
Hey All,

Sorry Jon, been in vacation mode for about 3 weeks now...been back to work for two of them 8)

So my opinion is as follows....The Telonics, first and foremost is a Eminence speaker...not that it means anymore than just that but figured I would mention it. This speaker also weighs next to nothing which is a big plus for a lot of folks around here Im sure..... I currently have a SSP 1x12 loaded with a 4 ohm unit. Im comparing it to three different K120s that I own...two of which are original cones, the third is a factory re-cone from the late 80s...

The Telonics does what it says it will do and does react very much like the K does when playing clean....its very bright, articulate, and shines and bounces just like a JBL voiced speaker should. I liked the clean tones I was getting right off the bat. That being said when I added some overdrive to the mix I wasn't as pleased....now to be completely fair, these speakers are designed for steel players and when I contacted to company I was told just that by the owner. I wouldn't say that the Telonics sounded bad with the overdrive but I will say that I enjoy my K120s overdriven sound much more. Another point to bring up in the pursuit of fairness is that Im not testing this speaker at gig volumes...just at home. I have not gigged with this unit yet and do not know how it will react at higher volumes when being pushed. It might be a totally different speaker at that point...probably will be in fact.

Sound clips to follow....(probably not too "shortly" though Jon :lol: )
 #140246  by Jon S.
 Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:26 am
Thanks for the update. Regarding the speaker's overdrive characteristics, I'd suggest, in addition to trying it out at higher volumes (as you've already noted), giving it a chance to break in as new speakers can sound harsh initially before break-in.