#157644  by Chutley
 Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:39 pm
Hi all,

I recently pulled the trigger on a Phiga Tiger replica, and it is a beautiful guitar. However, I'm running into some electronics issues that I'd love to solve without sending the guitar away for repair, so I thought I'd see if there are any thoughts out there. The electronics match Tiger, except for the fact I had a Ghost MIDI system added. The problem is that sound coming from the guitar will frequently disappear, or get very quiet, come back strong, and then disappear again. This happened occasionally when I first received the guitar, and I chalked it up to a bad cable. Since then, however, the problem has increased in frequency and now happens almost constantly.

I have eliminated cables as the problem, and in fact have reproduced the issue on completely different rigs. It happens with effects loop on, or off.

A telling data point is that I can make sound completely disappear, get "staticy", or come back simply by touching the switches - not toggling them, but just touching them. This makes me think there is some kind of grounding issue going on.

Any thoughts on troubleshooting steps I can try? I'd love to find a simple solution without shipping the guitar off... Thanks to you all in advance for any ideas you can provide.