#158130  by milobender
 Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:29 am
The Mach 2 has an effects send and return that can be used as a Preamp Out (FX Send) or as an Power Amp only (FX Return)... so to use the power side of the amp, run your preamp signal into the Effects Return jack.
Brandon Bowlds wrote:
mkaufman wrote:Yes, I know what it is, however, it that how it's being used (pre & power).

I don't think there is any way to bypass the pre that I am aware of.
 #159038  by Blacklodgebob
 Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:55 am
Surprised nobody has mentioned Redplate amps. Not even once?

My blackverb nails jerry tone - Ive owned every amp mentioned in here - short of the Meastro Twin (my Twins were modded by other people). Also went through most of the smaller Two Rock stuff, EXO's upscaling the power, Studio Pro 50, etc. Went from having a huge house to being on the west coast with smaller digs, and have been chasing the lighter weight Jerry dragon for years now.

An SMS JG Preamp into a quilter with a return effects loop sounds good, like really good (I head the Tone Block 201), but at that cost (over 1k), and having to haul the cabinet, I'd argue your better off just getting a real handwired amp.

My redplate is about 30ibs. Put it in a half weight, flight case with locking casters. Tone Tubby purple is in there now. Its basically a dumble type amp, but can easily be dialed in to nail a jerry modded twin. 50 watts of 6l6's in your face and its about as small as my old Mesa Boogie Subway blues 1x10 combo.

The Carvin DCM200l did not sound that great to me. Used it with 1x15 k130's d130's , 2 2x12 truckers cab with purps / jbl d120's and it just sounded too stiff / sterile. No transformers in there to sweeten up the pot when your cranking.

The redplate has been the best purchase Ive made in 10 years. I can dial it in for dead stuff, kimock, but also really heavy stuff if you push the dirt channel. 2 channels, the new circuit for the reverb is super lush. Keith is also a class act, he could probably mod any redplate to get more Jerry if you want, but as a snob, my stock Blackverb revently serviced at redplate, sounds immaculate, and nails JG. (of course I'm using Jerry spec custom guitars when I say that)

Almost forget the buffer and OBEL piece- Ive found I cant really deal with using the TRS OBEL stuff anymore (fuck a battery, fuck two cables, and how that makes some of pedals sound), my Micro tron triggers well enough without an OBEL, and this outboard MXR CAE buffer/boost thing seems to give it a little of that tone. With three guitars in rotation, Ive found this the easiest to deal with; the buffer always on the board (tweaking the amps preamp knob depending on the guitars pickup output), and Lehle DC filters after any pedals i use often (no need for a switching system - buffered, true bypass, lehle filtered, cioks x 2 isolated power)

had a midi switching system for years, toured all over with that fucking thing, again cutting that out, and using that philosophy on my board has made things much easier.

Pelican case for pedalboard, Temple audio ultralight board, Redplate Blackverb FTW

*to anybody saying expensive tastes! i respectfully disagree. so much money/time using absolutely anything else, from vintage gear, hauling 2 twins around, moving into the SMS racks, cabs with vintage speakers, hauling it all in and out of NYC or New Orleans at 3 am - no thanks! Paying a roadie when everybody else, other than the drummer, has a pretty quick load out got old. Fixing old JBLs gets old and expensive. Maintaining the twins as they get hauled around (I had two ata cases and they could break your fucking legs if they went down a slope).

**if i was in a national dead cover band I'd probably haul the maximum amount of shit around - DSO style - mountains of wall of sound cabs, BUT im not, so yeah, this rig satisfies some of the snootiest snoots on the cost, but sounds great, and has proven very reliable. If anything plug it into a Truckers 2x12 cab or use an ISO pad to keep the bass from the 1x12 running down into the floor.
 #159054  by gdrfk1990
 Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:11 am
I am pretty happy with new set up I am running. It's a Fender Rivera era Concert head from shakedown amps through 1 JBL k120 in a 1x12 cabinet made by soundscaper productions. I put the speaker cab on a stand and the head on crate in front https://youtu.be/bIe5GCrpaOw
I still want to upgrade the transformers on my Deluxe Reverb reissue and put NOS preamp tubes in it.. To get a prime tone out of that. Though if you have a quiet band the Deluxe Reverb Reissue gets a great Jerry Tone right out of the box.

 #159210  by RLW
 Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:03 am
johngtr67 wrote:SMS Classic Tube Preamp JG model
Carvin DCM200L power amp
(2 rack spaces total- use a tote)!
Single JBL K-120 or heavier -JBL E-120 in a
Single 12"cabinet

Read the Jerry tone forums!

What I have - except SSP 3x12 (going to have Tracy build a 1x12 or 2x12 as the 3x12 is not mobile) - and that tone in my opinion is spot on perfect. I also have a Lieber Wolf - which I'm not sure is 100% worth the money, but hey ho, it's an 'investment' ...