#157330  by strat97
 Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:54 pm
I got my Phred Liger a few weeks ago and finally tried to use the OBEL. I built a switch box and assembled a dual cable. Cable continuity checks out successfully. Guitar works fine in standard mode and also in OBEL mode if I have no effects on. When I hit an effect, I lose the signal. Looking for advice on how to debug.

My switch box should be pretty much identical to a HubBub - 3PDT toggle switch, stereo jack for OBEL connection, standard jacks for guitar in, effects send, effects return and amp send. Wiring in OBEL mode is: obel out on guitar -> stereo cable -> cable tip -> obel jack tip -> effects send tip -> effects loop -> effects return tip -> obel ring -> stero cable -> guitar -> guitar in tip -> amp tip -> amp. If I jump the effects send to effects return, I still get a signal. If I place one effect in the loop, I get a signal with the effect off/bypassed and no signal with effect on. The box has all grounds connected. I've tried this with 3 different pedals - same result for all. I've also placed my tuner between the amp out and the amp - with an effect on, it doesn't have any input.

I tried removing the switch and hard wiring the box for OBEL mode (all new solder for hot connections, left ground connections in place), but got the same result.

(Standard mode wiring is guitar -> guitar jack tip -> effects send tip -> effects loop -> effects return tip -> amp out tip -> amp)

Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to rule out the guitar as the problem before I buy a HubBub just to test. Thanks!
 #157331  by waldo041
 Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:17 pm
Your guitars obel jack tip and ring is not the same as your box.

Tip = Send
Ring = Return

 #157582  by strat97
 Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:46 pm
I just finished rewiring my junction box with a new 3PDT switch using Waldo's schematic and ended up with the same issue - no output in OBEL mode on junction box and OBEL mode on Liger with an effect engaged. I had to swap tip and ring to get it to work. I have no idea if that's standard setup on Phred's OBEL wiring or not, but my rig is now working with the swap.

If anyone wants a nicely formatted schematic or a picture of mine, let me know and I'll find a place to post.