#157996  by PurpleTrails
 Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:53 pm
Frank N Stein wrote:The Microtron 3 I ordered is currently sitting at my local post office. It arrived on Saturday. Got home from gig on previous night at 4 am, slept until 1:30ish pm. Post office is closed at 12 pm on Saturdays. First thing tomorrow morning I'm picking it up on the way to work. I also have the Tru-Tron 3 so I'll compare the 2. Probably have them both on the pedal board, one set normally and the other set for reverse envelope sounds ala 77 Dancin's.
You haven't read the product description of the microtron? There's a foot switch so you can move from the down to up sweep with a tap. I read somewhere they put that in because Bootsy was running two tru-trons to do that, and they figured it was a nice feature to include. So no fiddling around doing a Dancin' > Shakedown transition if you wanted to attempt that.

Of course, I'm interested in an A-B comparison.