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 #154275  by Bluesj
 Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:56 am
Hi all!

Long term "lurker" here finally created another account. I had an account last year that I had log in problems with that I was never able to get squared away, and finally I was able to create a new account.

Anyways, I play in a 3 piece band that does mostly blues and classic rock stuff, but I've been a dead fan for years and years and about a year ago we started playing some dead stuff and have added more and more over the last year.... Being just a trio, i'm not sure we do the dead material justice, but people that come to see us like it and I think we're getting the point across :)

For my Jerry rig I had a Wolf Inspired guitar built by Robert Rusch that I LOVE. I couldn't afford one of his actual wolf builds, but he built me a butcher block body with a neck thru construction and an ebony fingerboard. He painted the whole thing jet black and it looks pretty sharp too! I went with D. Allen single coils that suit this guitar great. It has an OBEL and I went with the Scott Walker combined Buffer/boost.

For my amp for my Jerry rig I bought a 71' silver face twin that was modified for a 1x12 and has a K120 in it. I only run two power tubes to keep the power down and from what I understand, makes the ohms match up with my 8 ohm Jbl...

I have a Louis Electric Baby Blues Breaker and a handwired VOX AC15x that I play through for all the blues and other stuff we play. My other guitars are an R8 Les Paul, a Nash Strat, a PRS limited edition SCJ hollow body and another Rusch guitars custom made guitar that is basically a Les Paul JR. My acoustic is a Gibson Montana J185EC....

Also, I just paid for and am waiting to get the wolf inspired guitar that blumule was selling. Can't Wait to get her!!!

I''m super thankful for this forum, I've learned a ton from you guys and hope that I can share stuff with you guys in the future!!