#6932  by phpbb
 Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:45 pm
All -

I'm experimenting with a new addition to the site. While I am in my cube, I often visit sites like digg.com which allow users to post URLs and let people comment about them, and vote the sites they like up in priority. I found an Open Source version and thought I'd set it up and see what you think. The URL is here:


I am thinking that this will eventually replace certain parts of the site, like the guitar mags, guitar reference, kewl links, and perhaps the news site. Simply because its easier for me to type in and manage URLs instead of hard coding stuff.

I've seen people posting some pretty good URLs lately to the site, and thought that this may be a good place to organize them so other (non members) can see them just as easily. Also, I think people like to scan a few URLs to see if there is some good links to check out while sitting in a cube.

There is no mandate to use this site, but check it out and give it a whirl if you'd like. To make it easier, I've already populated the site with everyone's username and password for the community site, so you don't need to reregister (it worked for me, I hoe it does for you). I've also added a few links from the website as I was fiddling around and testing it.

Here's some helpers:

To find new stories that are not on the front page:


To find the published stories:


1> You need to login to create a new link.
2> You don't need to login to vote for a link.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


 #6933  by sarraqum
 Sat Jul 01, 2006 4:52 am
Great stuff! Start posting those links!
 #23755  by shirtguy
 Thu Sep 06, 2007 3:11 pm
Is there a way to get to the other link categories besides the links associated with each news story?