Sell and buy at your own risk...

 #50753  by jeffm725
 Mon Oct 06, 2008 6:49 am
that would be me:

I am selling the same Belden Blue Cable that The boyz used with the same Neutrik plugs.

I can make any size you want and I am totally open to custom orders.

I use the following Neutrik plugs:
NP2C (straight)
NP2RC (right angle _ Fat)
NP3RC (stereo right angle _ Fat)
NP2RC-S (right angle _ slim)
NP3RC (stereo right angle _ slim)

20 foot cable Prices:
With Straights: $25
With Right Angle or 1 of each: $30

20 foot Garcia style Effects Loop "Y" cable: $50

For special sizes, short patch cables, etc....dont hesitate to ask!

You WILL notice a difference with this cable and connectors.

You will also notice that those prices are WELL below what others are charging for similiar product. I am able to order spools wholesale through my job and try to pass on the good fortune and savings.

All cables have a 1 year full warranty and are fixed for ANY reason, no questions asked. (I have been using this stuff for YEARS and have never had to re-solder even one cable, the durability of the Belden combined with the state of the art stress relief properties of the neutriks is an unbeatable combination)

There is an online shopping cart being built for this currently.

In the meantime you can email me jeffm725 AT yahoo Dot com (or PM me here on the board).