Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #159180  by Erbacher
 Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:40 am
I have a hard trucker style cab for sale that I built...3/4" birch 13 ply wood with fully dadoed 3/4" baffle (no blocks)...hole is cut for a jbl but no holes are drilled for the aluminum clamps yet and as per Jerry spec, there are no handles...just a bare bones cab no wiring, a box if you will...I use the same one for my rig and it sounds awesome and engineers like the clarity and overall sound of the cab...I am selling it to fund a strat project...I also have an e120 in great shape no dents on the dust cap if anyone is interested but no clamps to be able to put the speaker in the cab at the moment but I could get the clamps and install the speaker if someone wants that and then ship the cab unwired...if you are interested please send an email to and we can talk about it and I can send you pics of the has been coated with two coats of a flooring coating called nano shield which is pretty good stuff...the cab is not perfect but it will get the job done and take years of abuse, but your wife probably won't complain if it just sits in your music room...I am open to trades for a strat with a maple fretboard, peace