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 #151830  by hieronymous7
 Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:27 am
Hope it's ok to post this here - forum newbie! :smile:

Here is a rehearsal recording of Fire on the Mountain by a band I had started a couple of years ago that fell apart - just when we were getting good! We were calling it Hermetic Overdrive, not sure if that name would have stuck but now it's stuck in amber. ... e-mountain

I'm playing my Alembic Stanley Clarke "Signature Squared" 5-string bass (Stanley Clarke signature model, signed by Stanley Clarke!) - the guitarist is using his Alembicized Jeff Beck signature Strat. I'm singing too - not to make excuses, but this was the first time we played the song and it's at the top of my range (maybe even a little beyond :oops: )

And here's a pic of the session (just me and the drummer):