#702  by john
 Wed Aug 25, 2004 2:36 pm
Dylan played an amazing set in July 1978 at the Picnic at Blackbush in front of 250,000 fans, one of whom was me. Does anyone remember who else played -- Clapton was certainly there, but who else was there? Grateful for any information or ideas on where to look.


 #6702  by Blackie
 Sat Jun 24, 2006 5:54 am
July 15th 78:

Graham Parker & the Rumour
Joan Armatranding

I was there seems like 5 mins ago, I was 19.
 #67821  by micheal
 Sat Oct 24, 2009 4:56 am
[G]Ten years ago on a cold dark night
There was [D]someone killed ‘neath the [C]town hall [G]light
There were few at the scene, but they all agree
That the [D]slayer who ran, looked a [C]lot like [G]me
The judge said, “Son, what is your alibi,”
“If you were [D]somewhere else then [C]you don’t have to [G]die”
I spoke not a word, though it meant my life
For I had [D]been in the arms of my [C]best friends [G]wife

She [C]walks these [G]hills
In a [C]long black [G]veil
She [C]visits my [D]grave
When the [C]night winds [G]wail
Nobody knows, [C]nobody [G]sees,
[C]Nobody [D]knows but [G]me

The scaffold’s high and eternity near
She stood in the crowd and shed not a tear
But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans
In a long black veil, she cries o’er my bones