#17157  by Banjomike0319
 Tue May 29, 2007 2:10 pm
So I have been playing this song just using my E blues scale and also my E major scale. Does anyone have some other suggestions on what I could use to improv on this song.

This is such a great song, my other guitar player and I have been playing this at open mic nights around the area along with Deep Elm and also Candyman and there all hits.

I just wanna clean up on some stuff witht this song.

 #17159  by tigerstrat
 Tue May 29, 2007 2:21 pm
Not perfectly on-topic but I just had an observation yesterday, while listening to LoM doing "Neighbor, Neighbor", that throughout the song, Jerry played the exact same riff he used for NSB.

 #17160  by ronster
 Tue May 29, 2007 4:03 pm
I play my leads in a G major/E blues scale. Many a similar run and fill as found in truckin and spoonfull.
Heres a typical run into the E chord


Also when you play the G D A part, Garcia would finish by sliding the A chord up from the 2nd fret to the 14th fret and alternate the the E and A note on the the 14th fret and then slide the notes all the way back down and play the D D# E run on the D string into his E chord.

 #17213  by Banjomike0319
 Wed May 30, 2007 10:38 am
thanks guy's I'll work on some of that.

I wouldn't mind more help though with this. Please if anyone has any suggestions post that up.

I'm desperate.

 #17222  by ronster
 Wed May 30, 2007 1:54 pm
Heres another one, try to play the melody to
"spend a little time on the mountain spend a little time on the hill" with your lead

You can also play that 12 frets up the neck
OK one more along the same lines

 #17249  by BuddhaG
 Thu May 31, 2007 9:13 am
thank ya fellas, i've been doing this one with my buddies as well so this is a big help. y'all are friggin awesome!

 #17283  by ronster
 Thu May 31, 2007 4:23 pm
Your welcome, hard to believe no one else as anything to post on this tune.

 #17338  by Banjomike0319
 Fri Jun 01, 2007 11:44 am
I know this is such a classic dead tune.

I mean its such a great song to go from an acoustic set to an electic, or just playing it all acoustic.

Come on people you can do it. Post more information about this.

 #17355  by Billbbill
 Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:26 pm
you are doin a great job ronster. Here's one just the same


b15=hold 14 bent to 15

b15r14= hit note with 14 bent to 15 & unbend to 14

(tabbing weakness exposed)