#103  by huedawg
 Sun May 16, 2004 6:42 pm
Cats is popular again w/ the new box set out... having a little trouble w/ the Cm/Eb chord shape and the desending scale on the that line, suggestions?

 #104  by ebick
 Sun May 16, 2004 8:57 pm
I just had a look at it. Perhaps it might be a bit confusing. The D string is open.

So, it would be like this.

E (6th) - Open
A (5th) - 7th Fret, 4th finger (Pinky)
D (4th) - Open
G (3rd) - 6th Fret, 3rd finger
B (2nd) - 5th Fret, 2nd finger
E (1st) - 4th Fret, 1st finger