#131779  by Billbbill
 Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:00 am
so any of you who've tackled or tried to tackle this know this is no joke!!! First and foremost is to have a clean, clear enough version to work off of - I almost always go with live performances rather than studio - just my approach I guess. So i did this for kicks and posted in a group on FB and then figured I'd post here too as I know it's a friggin beast and thought some of you might find it useful.

So there's no explanation whatsoever! I also didn't do the bridge in this vid so that's another in the future I guess. Any questions let me know, comments always welcome of course and i could do some tab if anyone wants it. I used early '81 SB's for this and mostly one where (ironically) jerry doesn't even play until the second verse if memory serves.