#19076  by xonix
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:40 am
Since the tab on rukind at the moment is woefully incomplete, and the chords have been figured out by the dudes in this thread, http://community.rukind.org/viewtopic.php?t=1394 ; I went over to http://dylanchords.info and grabbed the lyrics and put it them both together! So ow do we update the rukind tab?
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Little Sadie

Released on Bob Dylan's Self Portrait (1970)

Dm	      F      		     Dm
Went out last night to take a little round.
C                           *C     *B   A7     
I met my little Sadie and I brought her down.
I ran right home and I went to bed
A    [n.c.]                          Dm
With a forty-four smokeless under my head.

* - SN 

I began to think what a deed I'd done,
I grabbed my hat and away I run.
I made a god run but I run too slow; 
They overtook me down in Jericho

Standing on a corner ringin' my bell,
Up stepped the sheriff from Thomasville.
He said "Young man is you name Brown?
Remember the night you blowed Little Sadie down."

"Oh, yes sir, my name is Lee.
I murdered little Sadie in the first degree.
First degree and second degree,
If you've got any papers will you serve them to me?"

Well they took me down town and they dressed me in black.
They put me on a train and they brought me back.
I had no one for to go my bail;
They crammed me back into the county jail.

The judge and the jury they took their stand.
The judge had the papers in his hand.
Forty-one days, forty-one nights;
Forty-one years to wear the ball and the stripes.

[Instrumental verse; ends:]

 #19094  by bodiddley
 Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:24 pm
Great tune. Love the early GD acoustic versions, reminds me of that Johnny Cash tune "Deliah".

 #19147  by shakedown_04092
 Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:43 am
I'm gonna add a couple of chords as well as the main lick to your post:
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Dm           (F)       C           Dm 
Went out last night to take a look around 
C                      C      B   Am 
Met little Sadie and I blowed her down 
Am         C     Am      C 
Went right home, went to bed 
A7                            Dm 
Forty-four smokeless under my head

Woke up the next morning about half past nine
The hacks and the buggies all standing in line
The gents and the gamblers standing all around
Taking little Sadie to her burying ground

Well I began to think what a deed I'd done 
Grabbed my hat and away I run
Made a good run, but a little too slow 
They overtook me in Jericho 

I'm standing on the corner reading a bill
Along came the sheriff from Thomasville 
Says "Young man, is your name Brown? 
Remember the night you blowed Sadie down?" 

Oh, yes sir, my name is Lee
I murdered little Sadie in the first degree
First degree and the second degree 
Got any papers would you read 'em to me

Well they took me downtown all dressed in black 
Put me on the train and sent me back 
Sent me back to the county jail
I had nobody for to go my bail 

The judge and the jury they took the stand
The judge held the paper in his right hand
Forty-one days, forty-one nights 
Forty-one years to wear the ball and stripes

  Dm          C           Dm |   C               C  B    Am

  Am      C     Am     C |  A7                              Dm