#216  by motto
 Sat Jun 05, 2004 10:26 pm
This is an interpretation of the verse riff. It is similar to the posted but a little more involved note-wise.

Formatting doesn't work really well so the words should be sung right after the individual notes end and the chords begin.


|-----5--8-6-5--- 6----
Paradise waits....

|-8--------6---- 3----------
On the crest....

The chords don't line up but you get the idea. This is just good to play so you can go Riff1-Fm-Riff2-Cm-Fm and use Fm 1st position for the last chord (and then play the last notes - in the verse part - that are posted in Ed's tab but shifted up to the Fm 1st position), and then it is easy to get to the 3(C) note to slide again.

Hope this makes some sense. Tabbing like this sucks.