Vintage Machined Speaker Clamps (20 Total)

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Vintage Machined Speaker Clamps (20 Total)

Postby jonarobb » Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:41 am

I'm doing some New Year cleaning and found theses 20 clamps in a box. I know the ones on the left were from an Alembic B-15 Cab. The ones on the right are most likely from my old Electro-Voice PA Mains from like 25 years ago. They're in good shape with no warping or any of that BS. Just a little scuffed and corroded. Probably clean up nicely with the right chemicals, and maybe some heavy enamel paint, whatever....

I'd actually like to trade for something cool and interesting. It should be guitar and/or amp related. If you read some of my other posts I'm into most anything....

I know there was some interest in getting good machined clamps, here they are....




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