Version 2 of Tab Creator online

Version 2 of Tab Creator online

Postby phpbb » Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:28 pm

This took a bit longer, but I finally let this thing loose. I change the interface, added some functions, and nerded out on some javascript.

You can go to the site here:

Changes to UI:

The guitar looks a bit more realistic with that wood fretboard and the copper strings!

I've organized the tools a bit better, and tried to be more efficient with space.

The Chord tool and Scale tool are menus that can be opened or closed to save space.

And with that space I've added ads!

I've tweaked the performance by reducing the number and size of images the site uses, and most of the rendering is done on your computer, not my server.

New Features

you can now copy to the clipboard using firefox - as long as you have flash enabled.

you can email your tab off

you can save your tab as a cookie and bring it back at a later time.

There are now "hotkeys" associated with each effect: "h,b,p,r,/,\,v" will all work. Also, left arrow will delete and right arrow will add a rest.

Nerdy stuff

I organized the code into objects, and separated the code into smaller files. The result is a faster loading time and easier for me to change things around.
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Re: Version 2 of Tab Creator online

Postby Oscillation » Thu Feb 28, 2008 12:26 pm

phpbb wrote:And with that space I've added ads!

haha nice going looks great thanks!
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